Air Automated Manifesting System

The Air Automated Manifesting System (Air AMS) is a requirement of the US Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) . This is the advance electronic manifest filing of air cargo entering or transiting, the US (and also covers breakbulk and bulk ocean cargo). Essentially, house airway bill (HAWB) information for all shipments arriving in the US must be sent to CBP 4 hours prior to the shipments entering the country.

This requirement covers all airlines to all destinations in the US. This came into effect on the 13th August 2004, after which all shipments entering, or transiting, the US must have full FHL2 (Freight House List) information. This consists of:

  • House airway bill number
  • A full description of goods
  • Pieces and weight
  • SLAC number (piece count of original shipper)
  • Shipper/consignee information