The purpose of the Claim Guide is to facilitate claim handling by providing general guidelines on how to claim with the ACS Claims entities. It indicates with whom we handle claims, where to file a claim, the time limits to submit a claim, and the most common information and / or documentation required to register or process a claim.

Our liability is limited by the IATA Air Waybill Conditions of Contract and our General Conditions of Carriage to 19 SDR per Kg of the package or packages concerned unless the applicable convention provides for a greater per Kg monetary limit. We only accept claims for delay when the cargo has deteriorated as a result of the delay.

If the cargo is insured, immediately after discovery, file a preliminary claim against the carrier and notify the insurance and follow their instructions. In most cases your insurance will settle the claim and will file a recovery claim against the carrier.

In the case of loss or partial loss of the shipment we highly recommend you open a trace file with our local customer service or General Sales Agent (GSA).


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  1. We handle claims with any interested party indicated on the MAWB.

  2. Normally we do not acknowledge preliminary claims; it is up to the claimant to provide proof that a claim was sent on time in case of discussion. We prefer that claims are submitted by e-mail so we accept copies of e-mails as proof of filing.

  3. According to the Warsaw Convention (1929), the Montreal Convention (1999) and our Conditions of Contract the time limits that apply to file a claim are as follows:
    • 14 days for damage from receipt of the last piece;
    • 21 days for delay from the date the freight is placed at the disposal of the consignee;
    • 120 days for a non-delivery of the freight on the entire MAWB from the date of issue of the MAWB;
    • 120 days for a partial delivery of the freight from the date of issue of the MAWB.

  4. We accept Preliminary Claims or Notifications of Claim. Preliminary claims are filed, within the time limits, to the carrier to protect the cargo interests when an irregularity occurred, but it is not known at the time what the full extent of the monetary damages are if any. Please note that any rights to damages against the Carrier shall be extinguished unless an action is brought within two years from the date of arrival at the destination, or from the date on which the aircraft ought to have arrived, or from the date on which the carriage stopped.

    ​The following is needed for a complete and valid Preliminary Claim:
    • Email subject line: PRE CLAIM [11 digit MAWB number] + [your refs if applicable];
    • The MAWB number;
    • The HAWB number (if applicable);
    • Claim reason: Damage, Partial Loss or Total Loss (on MAWB);
    • Number of pieces (Indicated on MAWB) damaged or missing;
    • Weight of the damaged or missing pieces;
    • Contents of missing or damaged pieces;
    • Packaging, marks, brands, colours, and dimensions.
  5. Formal Priced Claim must include all the details necessary for a preliminary claim and the following:
    • Email subject line: FORMAL CLAIM [11 digit MAWB number] + [your refs if applicable];
    • The ACS Formal Priced Claim Summary Form duly completed in full and forwarded as an Excel file:
    • Your complete contact details (Especially e-mail address);
    • A copy of the MAWB;
    • A copy of the HAWB (if applicable);
    • The Itemized claim statement from the actual shipper/consignee/owner of the cargo;
    • The detailed breakdown of the claimed amount;
    • The vendor or shipper invoice covering the entire shipment with the claimed items highlighted;
    • The vendor or shipper packing list covering the entire shipment with the claimed items highlighted;
    • If not clear from the above the itemized weight of the items/packages concerned;
    • Any additional documentation in support of your claim:
      • Survey report, photos, disposal certificate, repair quote, salvage value, etc;
    • Cession of Rights if required from the party (shipper or consignee as mentioned on the MAWB) entitled to claim, which states that your company is authorized to proceed with the claim;
    • In the case of an insurance recovery claim, a copy of the subrogation form.

For MAWBs starting with prefix: 615, 155 & 403 submit claims to:


For MAWBS starting with prefix: 992, 946, 947 & 144 submit claims to:




ACS Website & Tracking

General Conditions of Carriage

IATA Air Waybill Conditions of Contract


We look forward to providing an efficient formal claim resolution service with you, should the need arise.

Yours faithfully,

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