Mandatory FWB/FHL Requirement on DHL Aviation

Given the increasing regulatory focus on shipment security and visibility as well as our push for shipment data digitalisation, DHL Aviation requires all customers to submit electronic paperwork information prior to tendering your shipments.

This data must be provided electronically in IATA formatted FWB & FHL messages.

Please use our quick reference guide below to ensure you comply with our messaging requirements. If your operating system does not allow for FWB/FHL messages to be sent, DHL Aviation has provided a FREE OF CHARGE platform where you can submit DHL Aviation prefix related shipment data.


Should you experience difficulties in any of the above options which have not been resolved by contacting your messaging provider, then please contact us at with a detailed description of the issue.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that:
• Goods Description on both MAWB and HAWB must be specific and non-generic. Failing to do so can cause delays to your shipment.
• The physical MAWB remains mandatory at shipment tender.

Receiving accurate and complete paperwork information electronically upfront enables us to provide our customers with an improved service in terms of:
• Time gained at physical acceptance of shipments.
• Removal of any exception handling related to:
o Data accuracy and completeness.
o Aligned manifest and customs data.
o Shipment screening completed prior to shipment tender.

Shipments without FWB/FHL data submission will experience delays and additional charges.

If you require further clarification then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Air Capacity Sales Europe

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