Data Quality Update – ICS2 Compliant FWB & FHLs

Effective March 1st, 2023 DHL Aviation customers must send ICS2 compliant FWB and FHLs prior to tendering cargo for all shipments originating from outside the European Union (EU), Norway and Switzerland, that are either destined or transiting the EU, Norway and Switzerland.  

We would like to remind our customers that EU Customs Authorities require:

  1. Full line item
  2. HS code per line item
  3. Valid goods description (non-generic and accurate). Guidelines on what constitutes an acceptable and unacceptable description can be found on our website.

Failure to provide compliant ICS2 FWB and FHL messages will result in a fee of 100 EUR per non-compliant record.
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At DHL Aviation we recognise the importance of compliant electronic data messaging in the efficient and secure handling of your cargo. We request your full support in this important matter and look forward to a much improved data quality environment, delivering improved service quality as a result..

If you require further clarification then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Air Capacity Sales Europe

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