Making good progress towards 100% ICS2 Compliance – but there’s still a way to go!

Your support towards the good progress we’ve been making on the ICS2 compliance front is much appreciated.
lobally we are now in excess of 60% compliant, from less than 10% in November 2022 (as the graph below highlights).

We need to keep our Focus on hitting the 100% target for ICS2 by the (new) target date of June 2023.

ICS2 is a legal requirement for shipments that transit through the EU or are destined for it.

It requires all MAWB and HAWB records to have:

- Full line item goods description
​​​​​​- ​Harmonized System (HS) Code per line item
- Valid goods description (non-generic and accurate). Find guidelines here.

Shipments that don’t have this data and fall under the scope of ICS2 will soon be held at origin until the data is compliant.
We take this opportunity to remind you it is essential Customers submit all FWBs/FHLs prior to tendering shipments. This applies to all shipments.

If you require further clarification then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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