Additional Guidance Regarding Damaged / Defective Lithium Batteries

There have been several requests recently regarding the carriage of damaged / defective batteries by air; for example the recent high profile global recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 device.

As per IATA Regulations it is not permitted to ship by AIR, any Lithium Batteries which are either known or suspected to be damaged / defective. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Based upon the guidance from FAA, EASA and the airline community we have to consider the Samsung Galaxy Note7 devise with batteries as suspected to be damaged / defective until further notice. As a result it is not permitted to ship them by AIR.

To be clear, the ban covers a) new Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices including newly manufactured ones from the factory and b) old Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices recalled from customers and retailers/distributors.

In case of any further questions, please to not hesitate to contact our Restricted Commodities Group at