As advised on our newsletter dated 29th May 2018 with effect from 1st June 2018, China Customs has put forward new data requirements for FWB/FHL transmissions. We have since been contacting you to provide any shortfalls in data. To a large extent we have seen a positive response and the required data elements are being provided, albeit after flight arrival.

We need your continued support to pro-actively ensure these data elements are being provided and physically printed on the MAWBs & HAWBs. Our current daily follow-up process to contact you for all missing data is not sustainable. We need your support to ensure the data is provided by our customers.

Fortunately, the authorities seem to be facilitating a ‘transition period’ in the application of the new requirements, and for the time being, the cargo continues to move. However, we do not know for how long this situation will last and thus we need to ensure that all data elements continue to be provided for both MAWB & HAWB.

As of next week (12th June 2018,) we will change our daily verification process as follows:

  • Our team will physically check all MAWBs for the required data elements. Any missing data will be requested to you.
  • Our customers need to ensure the HAWB/FHL data is correct and complete. Our central team will not check this.

Meanwhile, our customers need to prepare for the inclusion of the FWB/FHL data in the OCI line of the respective message. This is a structured data format. The following information must be included in the OCI line of the FWB/FHL, and physically printed on the hard copy MAWB/HAWB:

  1. Consignee Code (Chinese Company registration code “USC”)
  2. Consignee telephone number, fax or email address
  3. Consignee contact name (individual)
  4. Consignee contact telephone number, fax or email address
  5. Shippers company registration number or VAT number
  6. Shippers telephone number, fax or email address

We depend on the continued support of all parties. Failure to comply with these requirements will ultimately result in delayed shipments, plus the potential of extra costs.

Please ensure all your Sales & Ops personnel are up to date on these requirements. Additional updates will be issued as and when we receive further clarity on the situation. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Air Capacity Sales