ACAS Notification

The US Customs Border Protection (CBP) and Transport Security Administration‘s (TSA) ACAS (Air Cargo Advance Screening) program went live and was legally enforceable as of Wednesday, 12th June 2019.

ACAS is administered on a 24/7 basis with the objective to improve the air cargo supply chain security to the US. ACAS applies to all air cargo shipments (at piece level) that are going to or through the US from a non-US location. The security risk assessment must be completed prior to loading on the aircraft.

DHL Aviation will file the required shipment information in electric message format to ACAS for security risk assessment. We will file this information as asoon as we receive it from you our customer. Failure to complete the ACAS security risk assessment will mean delays to your shipments.

To avoid risk of any delay / refusal / penalties, please:
1. Provide both MAWB and HAWB information in electronic format (FWBv16 / FHLv4) via SITA messaging to BRUACER in advance of tendering your shipment.
2. Ensure that the goods descriptions are complete, detailed and accurate. Upon receipt of the information, DHL Aviation will immediately file it.

For any further clarification or questions, please refer to the following link:

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