With effect from Monday, 8th July 2019, DHL Aviation will block all shipments for which we have not received in CCN complete and accurate FWB & FHL messages as defined by China Customs Manifest Regulation. Shipments will be unblocked as soon as the shipment information in CCN has been validated.

The situation prompting this swift action is recurring PVG inbound manifesting errors. The most common errors are incorrect / incomplete 6 extra data fields, addresses, AWB data updates, and finally mismatches between MAWB & HAWBs.

To avoid delay to your shipments, it is imperative that information is submitted in an accurate and complete manner in CCN, 24hrs before tendering your shipments to us.

To monitor (and unblock) your shipments, please log into the free CCN platform and complete all the required shipment information. Please see attachment for details on how to register with CCN and how in the CCN platform to:

CCN platform functionalities - When is this useful?
Create FWB/FHL in platform - To be used when the Forwarder does not have capability of sending electronic messages at all. The GSA can push this activity to the Forwarder.
Edit (Complete FWB/FHL) - To be used when the Forwarder has capability of sending electronic messages but possibly not the 6 extra data fields requested by China Customs. The GSA can push this activity to the Forwarder.
Monitor PPWK compliance for PVG destinations - You will need to validate that PPWK is complete and accurate. If not, take action asap. The GSA can push this activity to the Forwarder.

Kindly note that during a transition period of two weeks, our Data Quality team will be monitoring compliance.

As of the 21st July 2019, you will need to ensure that FWB/FHL data is in the CCN platform and complete for the shipment to be unblocked. Note that you will be charged storage fees in Leipzig accordingly, as well as any data entry needs by Leipzig Data Entry team and any fines relative to manifesting your shipment. Therefore, we urge you to take immediate action.

i. SITA address is SINCVXH
ii. The GSA has the possibility to extend obligation to complete data entry manually in CCN to the Forwarder. (If the GSA chooses to do so, the GSA may forward them the attached CCN Platform Guide.)
iii. More details on the 6 extra data fields required by China Customs in addition to standard IATA FWB/FHL message can be found in the second attachment.

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