With effect from Thursday 6th February 2020, an updated version of the DHL Aviation CMS booking system has been released.

They key change to the current version is that the User is now required to indicate if the Booking Request is:
• a Direct Shipment or
• a Consolidated Shipment.

The booking screen now shows two additional tick boxes, labelled "Direct MAWB" and "Consolidation". As a User you will be required to select the relevant one.

Kindly note that if at any point the shipment type changes from Direct to Consolidation or vice versa, please ensure you update the booking accordingly. This will NOT trigger a cancellation of the booking.

If you should have any issues or require further clarification then please document and detail the issue or question in an email and send to ACS.Data.Quality@dhl.com.

Kind Regards,
Air Capacity Sales Europe